PHAL:ANGST is an industrial (post-) rock band, based in Vienna, Austria. We started in 2006 as a collaboration of the projects PHAL and PROJEKT ANGST. Soon we realized that we wanted to perform as a real band and added a bassplayer. Since then we have played several shows, recorded five albums and a soundtrack. Our fifth album was released in January 2023.

If you want us to play your club/squat/livingroom/whatever just drop us an e-mail…

Our bass player and we have parted ways. Julia aka “The Bassenger” was an integral part of our band for 8 years of our 18 year bandhistory. We thank Julia for her great contribution over the years.

Our line-up:

ph – vox/harp/xylophone … was also the vocalist for MAN-AT-ARMS, DISCOVER and THE LONESOME NOBODYS. Currently in the choir of the SALOONIES.

al – guitar/vox … has played in several punk / hardcore /metal / stoner / sludge /fun-bands (CYRUSS, ANGRY KIDS, E.M.S., RADIKALKUR, DISCOVER, PYRETHRUM,…) since 1992, also plays as “beauty lies”

angst – electronics … has produced experimental / ambient / electronic / industrial-music since 1997, he released 5 solo-albums and collaborated with VATICAN’S CHILDREN, DARK AVANTGARDE EXPERIENCE, radio DER ABGRUND/PROTON, before that he played in the punk-bands SHOCK TROOP & FLUHRSCHADEN

: – bass … joined us in November ’15 and left im May ’24, also plays as THE BASSENGER (solo project, experimental), played in TERRA TOMA (stoner/ sludge/ post metal), sang in ELEMENT 36 and MLO and is also known as DJ Lady M


Our new Album - whiteout

Our new album is available!

whiteout was recorded and mastered by Alexandr Vatagin, mixed by Tobias Wöhrer & Alexandr Vatagin

it contains 2 remixes by Jarboe & LUSTMORD

sound consultant: Gerhard Potuznik produced by phal:angst & Alexandr Vatagin

photos by Kurt Prinz from the series „sezierte Architektur“ et al.

whiteout is released as CD, MC & as digital release on noiseappeal records

Our release show was on the 20th of January 23, Rhiz, Vienna.


The new and already 5th album has been made with even more care and effort. For five months the band and a team consisting of Alexandr Vatagin (Engineer for Kronos Quartett, Pauls Jets, Dives, Electric Indigo), Gerhard Potuznik (GD Luxxe, Mäuse, co-owner of label Angelika Köhlermann, producer of Chicks On Speed), Alexander Lausch (Engineer for Die Buben Im Pelz, Paul Plut, Mynth, The New Mourning) and Tobias Wöhrer (Leyya) was involved in producing, consulting, recording, mixing and mastering.
Remixes were made by Industrial/Dark Ambient icons Brian Williams aka LUSTMORD (Current 93, Nurse With Wound, SPK, Graeme Revell, Terror Against Terror, First Reformed) and JARBOE (The Swans), two musicians who have had a fundamental impact on the band’s work.
For the very first time the coming album will not be published on the own label, but together with Noise Appeal Records. This is a consistent development, as the label owners are old friends from the DIY Punk/Hardcore scene who have also advanced their taste in music significantly.

The artwork was designed using photos by Kurt Prinz. These pictures were partly featured in the book Sezierte Architektur (dissected architecture), which was the initial release of Text/Rahmen publishing house. Again, another connection to Noise Appeal Records and old friends from the scene.

The album was released on digipack-CD, Music Casette and as digital download on January 20 2023. The release party took place on January 20 at RHIZ (Vienna).


1. Whiteout

2. Severance

3. Least Said, Soonest Mended

4. What Rests Mute In Bright Corners

5. Unhinged

6. What A Time To Be Alive

7. Unhinged (Remix by LUSTMORD)

8. A Tale Of Severance (JARBOE Remix)

You can order our new Album at your local record store or via

Whiteout Remix EP
Phal:Angst’s latest album ‘Whiteout’ has received much praise, and within the following three months three appending remixes of the track ‘What Rests Mute In Bright Corners’ were released. The track has been remixed by befriended Austrian artists.The first remix, which was released at the beginning of April 2023, is by Bernhard Hammer aka BUENOVENTURA, also known as the guitar player in ELEKTRO GUZZI, and is a Tekkno remix. At the beginning of May, this was followed by a remix by Viennese Techno pioneer GERHARD POTUZNIK. His track transformed the song into avant-garde, hypnotic dark pop between TWIN PEAKS gothic and catchy synth hooks that would also do credit to DEPECHE MODE or THE CURE. The grand finale followed in July 2023: LYDIA HAIDER’S “GEBENEDEIT” processed the song into a disturbing and ghost-lighted vision. For Vienna, against Austria!

This EP is a digital release via (Single Tracks) or Bandcamp


What Rests Mute In Bright Corners (Buenoventura Remix) 06:28
What Rests Mute In Bright Corners (Gerhard Potuznik Remix) 05:55
What Rests Mute In Bright Corners (gebenedeit Remix) 04:14


Phase IV - CD

Phase IV – CD

Phase IV

The album was recorded by Alexandr Vatagin (Valeot Records, Slon, Tupolev, Port Royal, Werner Kitzmüller) who also served as co-producer this time.
It was mastered by Alex Psaroudakis, mastering engineer from Brooklyn/New York, who worked for „Sterling Sound“ (one of the world’s top mastering studios) till 2017 and has been a freelancer since then. He won 3 Latin Grammy Nominations, 1 Goya, Best Jazz LP at the Akademia Music Awards, he worked for BUSTA RHYMES, KALASH, GREEN VALLEY and many others.

Following their release tradition this album also includes some remixes. This time the band managed to make one of their dreams come true and get remixes from artists who have inspired the band substantially.
One is by industrial-metal pioneer JUSTIN BROADRICK (GODFLESH) who also made substantial impacts in grindcore (NAPALM DEATH), post rock (JESU) and experimental hip hop / dubstep (TECHNO ANIMAL). The second one is by WILL BROOKS aka MC DÄLEK from DÄLEK, who revolutionized hip hop by merging it with ambient, noise- & krautrock at the beginning of the millenium.

The album was released on gatefold-double-LP, digipack-CD and as digital download on 28th September 2018. The release party took place a day later at RHIZ (Vienna).


1. On The Run (09:24)
2. Money & Fame (09:31)
3. Comeuppance (09:40)
4. Despair II (12:28)
5. They Won’t Have To Burn The Books When Noone Reads Them Anyway (11:55)
6. Despair II (deadverse Remix) by Will Brooks (DÄLEK)(05:06)
7. The Books (JK FLESH Remix) by Justin Broadrick (05:37)

You can order our new Album at your local record store or:


Black Country

Our third album, „Black Country“, was released on November 14th 2014. It is available as double-vinyl, digipack-cd and digital download.

The album was recorded and mixed by Alexandr Vatagin at Audiomanufaktur Vienna from February to May 2014 and was mastered by Patrick Pulsinger at Feedback Studios Vienna in June 2014. The stunning artwork was done by Christopher Sturmer.

The album is accompanied by the remix album „Black Country Revisited“.
If you bought “Black Country” on vinyl you can download your high quality mp3 files with your download code, which can be found inside your LP.


1. Hardwire (14:56)
2. Black Country (7:45)
3. The Old Has To Die And The New Must Not Be Born ( 7:49)
4. Black Milk Of Morning (11:45)
5. Theta (12:38)

Buy as CD or LP in Austria


Black Country Revisited

Seven artists did remixes of all tracks featured on „Black Country“. They were completely free to modify the songs as they wanted, hence the album is very diverse. . Artists are: Electric Indigo (female:pressure), David Pfister (Devil & The Universe, Neigungsgruppe Sex, Gewalt & Gute Laune, Radio Fm4), chra (female:pressure, Comfortzone, Shampoo Boy, SV Damenkraft), Tronstoner (NSA, Nitro Mahalia, Calamari:Autopsy, Sensual Love, Dieter von Kroll Experience, EyeBM), Bastard Sun (Adaevarath, Create & Destroy Press), Rokko Anal (Rokko’s Adventures, Rokko Anal & The Coathangers) & Andrej from Swallowredrain. It was released on 28th of November, 2014.


1. Black Milk Of Morning (Tronstoner Remix) (09:00)
2. Black Country (Electric Indigo Rework) (06:46)
3. Rewire (Andrej Swallowredrain Remix) (13:53)
4. Black Milk Of Morning (David Pfister Remix) (05:07)
5. Black Country Blues (chra Remix) (04:49)
6. The Old Has To Die And The New Must Not Be Born (Bastard Sun Remix) (05:53)
7. Theta (Rokko Anal Wirtshaus Remix) (04:37)

Self Titled EP

This 5“-CD was released in April 2014 as a limited giveaway at our show at the rhiz, Vienna, on April 2nd 2014.

Black Country (rough mix)
Eleanor Rigby

Shiver with Cold
“Shiver with Cold”, released in January 2009, 100 Copies, featuring a remix by Neon Squid Autopsy and a Music-Video-Clip by Julia Ostertag.


I. Hometown
II. All Autumn’s Past
III. Wasteland
IV. Despair
V. Wasteland – Remix by Neon Squid Autopsy
VI. Wasteland – Video-Clip by Julia Ostertag

для одной руки

Our debut-album, “для одной руки”, released in May 2007, 100 Copies.


I. The Blind Prelude
II. The Blind
III. The Blind Appendix
IV. Dying City
V. Roadkill
VI. Fire
VII. Gnade

Saila Soundtrack

The soundtrack-recordings for the movie “Saila” by Julia Ostertag, called “The Wasteland Sessions”.


01. Bass
02. Wasteland
03. Katharsis
04. Saila’s Dance
05. Elemental Despair
06. Mariacron Bottleneck
07. Piano Song I
08. Saila’s Theme
09. Piano Song II
10. Piano Song III
11. Stripper’s Nightmare
12. Winter Song


Some songs from our new album “phase IV”


Live at RKH


Severance (Official Video)


Whiteout (Official Video)


What A Time To Be Alive (Official Video)


The Books (JK FLESH Remix) by Justin Broadrick (Official Video)


On The Run (Official Video)


Hardwire (Official Video)



Apr 6, 2024 16:00
Phal:Angst and many more @ Noise Fest
SIBIR, Brno (CZ)

Mar 28, 2024 20:00
Phal:Angst & IAMYANK
Gödör, Budapest (HU)

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Club 1019, Vienna (A)

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Phal:Angst & Dim Prospects
Panka Hyttn, Vienna (A)

Nov 24, 2023 20:00
20 years of Noise Appeal Records @ Radiokulturhaus
Phal:Angst, Lehnen & le_mol
Radiokulturhaus, Vienna (A)

Apr 26, 2023 20:00
20 years of Noise Appeal Records, Day 2
Phal:Angst, Dun Field Three, Lausch & Fuckhead
Chelsea, Vienna (A)

Feb 10, 2023 20:00
Phal:Angst & Goddess Limax Black
KAPU, Linz (A)

Jan 27, 2023 19:30
Phal:Angst, Nuummite, UGFC
Vegalite, Brno (CZ)

Jan 20, 2023 20:00
Phal:Angst Whiteout Album Release show with special guest Laut Fragen
Rhiz, Vienna (A)

Dec 8, 2022 20:00
Phal:Angst & Ghazaleh E
Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich (D)

Sept 23, 2022 20:00
Phal:Angst & Primordial Undermind
venster99, Vienna (A)

Sept 4, 2021 20:00
Phal:Angst, FX666
ProKontra, Hohenems (A)

Sept 3, 2021 20:00
Phal:Angst & TBA
private show, Linz (A)

June 24, 2021 20:00
Phal:Angst, Goddess Limax Black
fluc, Vienna (A)

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Xerox Exotique #035: Phal:Angst
INM – Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt/Main (D)
Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

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Phal:Angst, She Destroys Hope & Svartvit
Jugendzentrum villa – Stadtjugendring Augsburg
Kanalstraße 15, 86153 Augsburg (D)

Jan 19, 2019 20:00
Phal:Angst & Plague Called Humanity
Vrátnice – music club
ul. 1. Máje 1000, 756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (CZ)

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PHAL:ANGST Release Party Phase 4 & Eklextasy Chaos Deluxe
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Stadtwerkstatt Linz (A)

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PHAL:ANGST & Insect Ark
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Zagrebačka 11, Subotica, Serbia

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Debrecen, Hungary

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Vienna A; venster99 with Rosa Nebel

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Vienna A; rhiz 10 years of Phal:Angst


14.04., Wien, Fluc, w\ Brainmanagerz

03.02., Wien, Rhiz, w\ Ronin (ita)


8.10., Linz, Kapu, w\ Atta

05.12., Wien, EKH, Releaseparty “Black Country”

02.04., Wien, Rhiz, w\ PotzBlitz!Brak

01.02., Wien, EKH, w\ Dim Prospects


17.04., Wien, Arena, w\ Barn Owl (usa)


28.10., Wien, Das Gschwandner, Arche 2012 – Die letzte Weltausstellung,
w\ Happy Kids, & The Mauvais Garcons

07.04., Linz, Stadtwerkstatt, w\ The Canyon Observer (slo) & Dirt Deflector

24.03., Wien, Shelter, The Beatles Tribute, w\ Magical Mistery Band, Pursuit Mode, Kmet, A Life, A Song, A Cigarette, Go! Go! Gorillo; we performed “Eleanor Rigby”

16.01., München, Glockenbachwerkstatt, w\ Down to Circus (ger)


17.12., Haag bei Linz, Böllerbauer, Slow and Frightening Festival,
w\ Black Sabbath Cover Band (wien), Asphagor (tirol), Fire Walk With Me (ger), La Ligne Maginot (wien) and many more…

16.12., Rijeka, Klub Place, w\ The Canyon Observer (slo) & Y (slo)

14.12., Wien, Rhiz

03.11., Wien, Fluc, w\ Naum (wien) & DJ Rokko Anal

23.10., Berlin, Schokoladen, & screening of “Saila”

21.10., Berlin, Scharni 38, w\ Grrzzz (fra)

20.10., Wien, Shelter, PROJEKT ANGST & Guest, w\ Er ist tot, Jim (wien)

08.06., Wien, Shelter

29.04., Linz, Kapu, w\ DIRGE (fra) & RORCAL (sui)

22.01., Wien, Fluc, Day 2 of the “Turn on my Theta!” – Festival, w\ Thalija, Lafidiki, Martin Siewert/Dieb 13


15.12., Wien, Fluc_Wanne, a tribute to the Velvet Underground, we performed “Venus in Furs”

24.04., Wien, EKH, w\ When Yuppies Go To Hell, Officer Friendly

31.01., Wien, Rhiz, w\ Projekt Angst, DJ Trashterrier


12.03., Wien, Fluc, w\ BLAKE/E/E

14.02., Wien, EKH, Infomadenfest w\ ASSATA, THE MEAN MACHINE

15.01., Leipzig, Imbiss-Keller (statt Gieser16), w\ “SAILA”-Filmscreening, FAKE EMPIRE

13.01., Berlin, Scharni38/Schnarup Thumby, w\ “SAILA”-Filmscreening, FAKE EMPIRE

10.01., Linz, Kapu, w\ MALACHI (us)


22.09., Wien, Rhiz, w\ OvO (it)

06.08., Wien, Arena, “Bierwoche”, w\ Cyruss, Oskar Fischer, Böttlehead

07.06., Wien, EKH, w\ GRRZZZ (paris)


31.05., Wien, Fluc, PHAL:ANGST album release party w\ AEON (oliver hidari + adam strang, psychedelia/doomdrone/experimental–impro) & PROJEKT ANGST (ambient)


11.12., Wien, EKH, w\ LVMEN (cz)

05.12., Wien, Rhiz, w\ WIPE OUT

31.10., Linz, Stadtwerkstatt, w\ MONGOBLOC (bruckmayr/jade/strohmann,) & JAKUZI’s ATTEMPT

25.10., Wien, Xi-Bar


23.03., Wien, Cabaret Renz, w\ MASHNUM P.I. / FMX / SEPIX / BB / DROPDREAD / KILLDAYZ / ASSIMILATAH / D.A.T / ALI

24.02., Wien, Rhiz, net to net 3 – med-user – party, w\ Franz K (PURAVIDA), Madame Strang & Gang (NOISECAMP) & GÜLSÜM


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Live Photos on this site by:

Werner Novak
Joanna Pianka
Kurt Prinz